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toilet paper holder guru

Welcome to my fun little website about ... toilet paper holders!

Call me weird, but I like unique and unusual home decor, and this little bathroom accessory is surprisingly fun.

The toilet paper holder does exactly what its name states. It holds toilet paper. Toilet paper holders come in all kinds of sizes, shapes and colors. Some are plain, some are whimsical and some include technology.

The following is a list of fun and unique toilet paper holders, and a description of each:


Antique holders are those that are modeled after toilet papers of a different century. There are even some that are made out of wooden dowels. These are truly unique in that they are harder to find than your average, everyday holder.


Do you have a bathroom with a tropical theme? How about an Asian Zen Tiki Bamboo holder for your toilet paper? It would fit right in with the theme based on the tropics.


How about a black bear seemingly holding your roll of toilet paper in his big furry paws? What a whimiscal way to offer toilet paper to you and your guests.


While brass holders aren't very whimiscal, they can be unique in their designs such as Victorian, pedestal or recessed.


How about a fun and whimsical wooden toilet paper holder that is shaped like an outhouse? Guests will get a real kick out of this one.

Double Roll

Need a paper holder that will house more than one roll? Go for a double. How many of these do you see in people's homes?


Are you into Goth? If so, maybe a medieval dragon with a concentrated sneer will satisfy you.


Lover of sea creatures? How about some fun and playful dolphins to hold your paper?


If you are really into gadgets, perhaps a talking toilet paper holder will impress you.


Into the sinister, scary type of decor? Go for a skeleton paper holder and give your guests a thrill.

It's always fun to have a whimiscal or unique conversation piece in your home. Why not make it your toilet paper holder? There are so many different styles and designs to choose from that you are sure to be able to find something that suits you.


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